New Residential Connections

  1. Check to see if natural gas is available at your property by our pipeline locator.
  2. Research appliances you want to connect and get a quote to have them installed by your licensed gas fitter.

    Licensed Gas Fitters

    Preferred Retailers

  3. Complete and submit an application with Tas Gas Retail, application form available here.
  4. Tas Gas Retail will contact you to confirm receipt of your application.
  5. Speak with a gas fitter to understand what your costs for installation are and appliance usage details.
  6. A representative from EVN will call you to arrange a site inspection. At the inspection a meter location diagram will be left in your letterbox.
  7. Following site inspection, an EVN representative will contact you to arrange a convenient time for the meter installation.
  8. Once the meter has been installed, your licensed gasfitter can connect the meter.  A minimum of 48 hours prior to connecting the meter, the gasfitter should advise Tas Gas Retail so that unlocking the meter can be scheduled to occur when the appliance installation is completed.

If, unfortunately your home does not appear to front the natural gas pipeline, then please submit your expression of interest (EOI) here.

EVN registers and evaluates all EOIs based on the distance from the pipeline, density of the street and how many others have expressed an interest in the area.

In all instances, EVN will let you know the outcomes of its evaluation.

Prior Residential Connections

To reconnect your property to all the benefits of natural gas, please follow these easy steps:

  1. Complete and submit an application with Tas Gas Retail, application form available here.
  2. Tas Gas Retail will contact you to confirm receipt.
  3. A representative of EVN will unlock your meter. EVN endeavours for all reconnections to occur within 1 business day. 

If you have a forward moving in date, please let Tas Gas Retail know of your preferred connection date.

Commercial Connections

EVN has a dedicated commercial team that is committed to working individually with each business.

Our commercial team will work closely with you, to assist you through the sign up and connections process and can discuss your energy options to ensure that a new natural gas connection is the best business decision for you.

If you would like to speak with a member of our team, please contact us here.

New Subdivisions and Developments

If you are planning a new residential subdivision or commercial development, we’d love to hear from you.

EVN distribution pipes may also be in a shared trench with electricity, water and telecommunications. EVN is happy to work in with you to reduce development costs by collocating its distribution pipe in a shared trench.

Please contact us here and a representative from our commercial team will be in touch.

New Natural Gas Retailers

EVN welcomes the opportunity to speak with natural gas retailers that wish to retail natural gas off the EVN distribution pipelines throughout rural Victoria.

Please contact us here and a member of our commercial team will be in touch.

Located here are EVN’s Customer Transfer and Reconciliation Code and its Long Form Use of Systems Agreement (LFUOSA).

User Access Guide

On 1 August 2017, the National Gas (Pipeline Access – Arbitration) Amendment Rule 2017 (SA) was made pursuant to section 294F (1) of the National Gas Law (NGL), which is the Schedule to the National Gas (South Australia) Act 2008 (SA).

The Amendment Rule amended the NGR by, among other changes, inserting a new Part 23 (‘Access to non-scheme pipelines’) into the NGR.  The objectives of the new Part 23 of the NGR include facilitating access to pipeline services on non-scheme pipelines by requiring the publication and exchange of information and introducing an arbitration process to resolve access disputes.

Rule 558(1) of the NGR (inserted as part of the new Part 23) requires a service provider of a non-scheme pipeline to develop, maintain and publish on its website a user access guide that contains certain prescribed information in relation to the non-scheme pipeline.

Located here is EVN's User Access Guide.